Artikler om akupunktur og relaterte emner

Sykepleiere bør lære å utnytte placeboeffekten
Oddveig Birkeflet, Sykepleien, 2021

Alternativ medisin virker fordi placebo virker
Oddveig Birkeflet, Sykepleien, 2020

Akupunktur bare placebo, eller fremtidens terapeutiske placebo?
Oddveig Birkeflet, Essay, 2017

Acupuncture diagnoses and treatment recommendations for infertile and fertile women A study of inter-rater reliability on diagnosis and treatment recommendation, and an examination of the distribution of acupuncture diagnoses in infertile and fertile women
Oddveig Birkeflet, PhD Thesis, UiO, 2016

Poor multi-rater reliability in TCM pattern diagnoses and variation in the use of symptoms to obtain a diagnosis
Pattern differentiation and diagnosis are fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Studies have shown low inter-rater reliability in TCM pattern diagnoses. This variability may originate from both the identification and the interpretation of symptoms and signs.
Oddveig Birkeflet, et al, UiO, 2014

Traditional Chinese medicine patterns and recommended acupuncture points in infertile and fertile women
Acupuncture is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and emphasises individualised treatment according to TCM patterns. Eight TCM patterns are regarded as typical for female infertility. There are no empirical data comparing these patterns in fertile and infertile women.
Oddveig Birkeflet, et al, UiO, 2012

Low inter-rater reliability in traditional Chinese medicine for female infertility
The low agreement on diagnoses indicates that acupuncturists follow individual pattern differentiation processes. The selection of acupuncture points seem to be closely related to the choice of TCM pattern diagnoses. The results indicate that the poor reliability in the diagnoses and thus treatment received by a patient will vary individually, which in turn is a challenge for clinical trials of acupuncture.
Oddveig Birkeflet, et al, UiO, 2011

Qigong i sykelpeien – Kan qigong, Kinesiske helseøvelser, bedre livskvaliteten hos bedriftsansatte?
Oddveig Birkeflet, Hovedfagsoppgave, UiO, 2002

«Energi og barselkvinner – Musikk som sykepleieintervensjon.»
Oddveig Birkeflet, Semesteroppgave vår 1997, klinisk valgretningInstitutt for SykepleievitenskapDet medisinske fakultetUniversitetet i Oslo